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Welcome to the Denver Women's Hockey League

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The DWHL is participating in the Colorado Avalanche Charity Challenge this year. The charity challenge is an opportunity for non-profit organizations to win up to $10,000 for selling Avalanche tickets!

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Our Mission:

To provide an environment in which women can play hockey free from all forms of harassment or discrimination and which encourages fair play, openness and friendship.
To provide a competitive and social atmosphere which promotes the growth of leadership, coaching, and skill development.

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Have you updated your USA Hockey registration for the 2018-19 season?

If the fourth digit in your USA Hockey number isn't a 9, then you need to re-register with USA Hockey. Click HERE and follow the instructions.

Please make sure you have paid for and updated your USA Hockey number ASAP.

If your number is not updated and you have not notified the DWHL board of this update, you will not be allowed to step on the ice until this is completed.

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