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Summer season registration is now closed.

Games will start in June on Friday and Saturday evenings at the YMCA in Lafayette and in July and August on Wednesdays, Thursdays at Apex and all summer on Sundays at the SportStable.

Welcome to the Denver Women's Hockey League

Our Mission:

To provide an environment in which women can play hockey free from all forms of harassment or discrimination and which encourages fair play, openness and friendship.
To provide a competitive and social atmosphere which promotes the growth of leadership, coaching, and skill development.

Summer 2022 Season

Information on Summer Season

  • Divisions: 3 divisions (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced)

  • Dates: June - August

  • Location: Due to APEX ice maintenance, in June some games will be at the YMCA in Lafayette on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Otherwise games are Sundays at the SportStable and Wednesdays and Thursday at APEX.
  • Subs: Available on an as needed basis and restricted to the player’s division. Registered league players can sub at no cost. Non-registered league players will have a $25 fee per game.Sub availability will be identified weekly and offered at a first come first serve basis. Reminder that if you are a registered player, you can sub in other games for free! Sub only registration will be available after season registration closes.

  • USA Hockey: As always, you must be USA Hockey registered (2021-2022 or 2022-2023 Registrations are valid).  Your full name, birthday and USA Hockey number must match your DWHL registration exactly.

  • COVID-19 Precautions: We take seriously any concerns regarding COVID-19 and recognize that while things are easing, we are still in a pandemic. We will continue to follow state, local, and facility health code guidelines and regulations. We reserve the right to make changes to the season should the situation change. There is an option in the registration to note if you are vaccinated or not. This is not a required disclosure. We will use this information to track the overall number of members that are vaccinated in hopes of helping everyone feel comfortable and safe to return to play.

DWHL Board of Directors


Recreation Division Spring 2022 Champions

Gucci Yamaguchi!

Competitive Spring 2022 Champions

Kwan's Silver Swans

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If you are interested in participating in the DWHL Return To Play Phase I, please sign up for our Phase I interest/contact list here:

No payment is required to add yourself to the interest list, and signing up will not commit you to participate in any events. Ice time announcements and individual event registrations will only be sent to individuals on the interest list.


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Have you updated your USA Hockey registration for the 2021-22 season?

Click HERE to register with USA Hockey.

Please make sure you have paid for and updated your USA Hockey number ASAP.

If your number is not updated and you have not notified the DWHL board of this update, you will not be allowed to step on the ice until this is completed.

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