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Todays Events
Fall Mixed League 2014
Northstars vs Metros
Sep 16 - 9:00 pm
Welcome to Denver Women's Hockey League
Welcome to the Denver Women's Hockey League Website

Our Mission:
To provide an environment in which women can play hockey free from all forms of harassment or discrimination and which encourages fair play, openness and friendship. To provide a competitive and social atmosphere which promotes the growth of leadership, coaching, and skill development.
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DWHL Fall Mixed League

Season begins week of September 15th, 2014.

League Details:
The season includes at least 13 sessions (10 regular season games, 2 practices, AND at least 1 playoff game per team – total number of games depends on number of teams). Start times for games are between 9:00 -10:30 pm. The league tries to get ice times as early as possible. Please check the website often for changes to game dates/times.

Fees are $260 per skater, which includes free subbing - we are limiting the rosters to 13 players each (12 skaters and 1 goalie). All games will have a limit of 13 skaters per bench. In the event that there are not enough registered skaters to field more full teams, then the max number of skaters per team may be increased at the Board's discretion.

No charge for goalies - first registered, first rostered.
Game nights and times are subject to change due to availability of ice. Games are currently scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
All Monday and Tuesday games will be at Ice Centre at the Promenade. 10710 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CO 80020.
All Thursday games will be played at the Apex. 13150 W. 72nd Ave., Arvada, Colorado 80005.
USA Hockey-Certified Referees
Each team will have a dedicated Coach for the season
Huge Benefit over other adult hockey leagues: Rostered players sub for free on nights your team is not playing! Non-rostered, DWHL members may sub for a $25 drop-in fee.

In an effort to keep player costs to a minimum, the DWHL has a no refund policy for league fees after the start of the season.

USA Hockey: If you have not already done so, you must register for the 2014-2015 season with USA Hockey and enter that registration number when you sign up for the Fall Mixed league.

Jerseys: The DWHL is committed to keeping your costs down. As part of this commitment, we provide jerseys for use in the in-house league during the season. To control costs and encourage the return of jerseys, we ask for a jersey deposit. In order to check out a jersey, the DWHL will require a check for $35 as a jersey deposit fee. The check will NOT be cashed and will be shredded if you return your jersey in good shape. If a jersey is not returned, the DWHL will cash the check and retain the funds to cover the cost of replacing the jersey. If you have a DWHL jersey that you purchased in the past, you are welcome to use it for the season and do not have to pay a deposit.

Team and Player Preferences: Team placement is at the sole discretion of the DWHL Board. Note that we will attempt to grant requests for carpool groups to play together, but will only consider groups of two or three players. You are not guaranteed to play with your requests.

New players will be assigned to teams based on their skill ratings. If a player has not yet played with the league, they may be moved within the first two weeks, once a coach has evaluated their skill level.

Subbing Policy: Please review the current sub policy online (on the FAQs tab).

League Format and Mission: Fall and Spring DWHL leagues are mixed leagues. This means that there is a wide range of skill levels on each team. We welcome all women hockey players who are committed to the mission of the DWHL. Any player who repeatedly fails to adhere to the mission may be asked to leave a team at the sole discretion of the board.

“To provide an environment in which women can play hockey free from all forms of harassment or discrimination and which encourages fair play, openness and friendship. To provide a competitive and social atmosphere which promotes the growth of leadership, coaching, and skill development.”

We are a league that is dedicated to teaching women hockey skills and developing players. Any player who does not uphold the mission by exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior will be asked to leave the league without refund of league fees.

DWHL Newsletter August 2014

Inside this issue:

* Letter from the President: KJ Bedard
* 2013 Award winners: Heather Finlayson and Wendy Bird
* 11 Fun Facts about Hockey Pucks

DWHL Members-Punch Cards for Subbing, Practices, Drop-ins

If you plan on subbing with DWHL during the Summer Season, now is a good time to get a DWHL punch card!

Punch cards can be used for Games, Practices, and Drop-ins.  If you are subbing for the Summer Season you can sub-up with your punch card as well (if you sub in Novice you can sub up to Intermediate; if you sub in Intermediate you can sub up to Advanced).

To purchase a punch card, email Kimi at kickinkimi@yahoo.com


DWHL Discount offered - No Nonsense Hockey @ YMCA of Boulder Valley


This program is offered at a discounted price ($20 off) for DWHL members through the YMCA of Boulder. This program is for those adult hockey players that are just starting out or that have played for a while and want some instruction and a relaxed fun time playing hockey. This is a great place to come play with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend. YMCA staff will supervise the games and teams will be divided up differently each week.

There will be 45 minutes of instruction followed by a 30 minute game each week.

Please visit the YMCA of Boulder Valley Website for additional details and contact information