You need to be a DWHL member with a current year USA Hockey Membership ID.

If you are not rostered on a team and want to sub into league games, you need to send an email to so we can send you registration details as well as ensure you are on our approved sub list for games once registration is complete.

Rostered team members are expected to submit their attendance (attending or not attending) by 24 hours prior to the game. After that time, both subs and rostered members of other division teams will receive an email with information on expected sub openings. Please note, this does not guarantee the number of available openings – there may be more or fewer than expected. Subs will be placed on teams within 15-20 minutes of game start.

If you want to SUB, you need to be at the rink before the game to put your name on the sub list. Subbing is first come, first served.

Use of Website in Subbing Policy: To facilitate the subbing policy, we are asking that all members log into the members area and “unsign” if you know that you CANNOT play in a game. This will let your coach and the coordinators know that they will need subs that night. If you indicate that you cannot be at a game, but your plans change and you can go, don’t worry, we will not select a sub for your spot until 15 minutes before the game starts.

5 Game Sub Policy
All players rostered on a team in the same league and division are allowed unlimited nights to sub throughout the season at no charge. However, if a player has subbed in 5 games, they will only be allowed to sub if there are NO OTHER eligible players at that game (i.e., their name will be placed AFTER those players who have not reached their 5 games). If there are no other subs who have fewer than 5 games subbed, subs with more than 5 games will be listed on the sub list in the order they arrived (same as other subs). DWHL tracks how many games a player has subbed and will notify that player by email of the policy once they have subbed in 5 games.

Non-Rostered Players: Non-rostered players have the same 5 games, but are subject to the $25 drop-in fee and must be a DWHL member and have proof of USA Hockey registration plus verification from the Membership Director (via email) that you are set to play.