Supplemental Training Videos


Wrist Shot

Should be everybody’s first shot, may be your ‘only’ shot.

Slap Shot

Only when you have space!

Snapshot 1

Keep your hips pointed towards the net, and load up only slightly.  

Snapshot 2

This video is basically the same as the first video, but it emphasize different pieces of the snapshot.

Lifting the puck

Once you've learned the mechanics of the shot, learn to raise it over the goalie's pads.

Shooting while skating

Load the puck back and get comfortable skating full speed while carrying the puck.

One timers

A properly execute a one-timer, it's not as simple as swinging your stick at a puck coming towards you

Positioning without the puck


A slightly more advanced than the one in the Chalk Talk #1.


The backchecker always stays skating forwards (no trying to pivot and 'play D'), and they steer the puck carrier to the outside of the ice.

Cycling and Puck Possession

Cycling Overview

A good overview of cycling.

Pause the videos periodically and see where the non-puck carriers are (there are almost always 2 options where players are 10-15 feet away, without an opposing player in the lane)

Banking off the boards

Sedin twins do bank passes down low and cycle with the defensemen coming in from the point.

Cycling in the corners

Second play in the video, bank pass cycling off the boards in the corner

Puck Possesion

The puck carrier always having a very purposeful pass and the skaters off the puck always moving to a spot that would allow for an easy passing lane.

Neutral zone play

Moving the play up the ice

An article instead of video, focus on the 'Support' section.  This is specifically about moving the play up the ice, not re-grouping.


Go to halfway through when they add in 2 then 3 forwards crossing.  Also note that everybody is moving the whole time, but not necessarily full speed.

Regrouping 2

The key to the regroup is for the D to make the pass to a player who is looking at them and skating towards them.

Advanced Regrouping

Part of a series to teach hockey systems, more advanced regroup.