Chalk talk #2

Own the Boards

Any team that can 'Own the Boards' can certainly dictate the play of a game, both offensively and defensively. In this Chalk Talk, we'll discuss how to effectively use the boards during a defensive zone breakout, and how to counter that and offensively hold the zone. We'll also discuss battles along the boards.

Chalk Talk #2

Stick and Pucks:

  • Breakout - work on looping in and pivoting, to get your butt to the boards. Work on maintaining awareness, keeping your head up and looking back towards where the pass would be coming from but also up the ice to see if you’ll have pressure
  • If you have a partner: get them to fling the puck up the boards so you can practice stopping and/or re-directing the puck with your feet
    Offensive - practice bank passes to yourself, or to a partner if you have one.
  • Also practice balancing as you skate along the boards with foot, knee, hip, and shoulder all touching the boards to catch the puck if it is thrown up the boards
  • Battles - if you are alone you can work on moving the puck with your feet along the boards
  • If you have a partner, actually battle each other
    Either start with both players along the boards trying to push the puck against each other, or dump the puck into the boards from 6-10 ft out and race each other and fight for possession.  Be careful, no body-checking!


Balance and quad/glute strength are important for all aspects of hockey, especially when you are working on the boards. The workout plans linked in this training section of our website will help you build both balance and strength.