Substitute Players

A benefit to playing in the DWHL is our Substitute Player Policy.  Both rostered (assigned to a team) and freelance subs are supported.  Subbing allows us to ensure a minimum number of players at each game, reducing the chances of 7 v 11 games.  Note: subs are not allowed in any playoff games.


Rostered players can sub for free in any division game their team is not playing for free. 

Freelance subs register to sub for the season, at any time during the season for approximately $20 per game.  Sign up here:


The day before the game

Approximately 24 hours before a game, we will send an email out to all eligible players in the division to sign up as a sub.  Sign up online, then show up at least 20 minutes before game time.  We will assign you to a team 15-20 minutes before the game.

We use Teamsnap’s Availability feature to find out how many players are not available for each game.  If any team has less than 13 skaters 24 hours before a game, we send out an email to all registered subs and teams not in the game.  We treat goalies separately.  

5 Game Sub Policy

All players are allowed unlimited nights to sub throughout the season at no charge. However, if a player has subbed in 5 games, they will be added to the bottom of the list of subs.  If after all players who have subbed less than 5 games that season are assigned a team there are no spots available, that player will not be allowed to play.  We will do everything we can to ensure players know before they show up at the rink.  This rule applies to rostered and sub only players.


Rostered Players

In addition to the 10+ games and/or practices your team plays in a season,  you can play in any other regular season games you are available.  We ask that all rostered players update their availability if they know they CANNOT make a game.  This allows us to identify the number of sub spots for each game.

Non Rostered Players

  1. Make sure you have a current USA Hockey registration.
  2. Sign up for the current season’s sub list here:
  3. Watch your email