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DWHL General Membership

Welcome to the DWHL- there is no cost to join. If you are already a member and need to change your information, you can login and do so at any time. You are welcome to email with changes as well.

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You need to be a DWHL member with a current year USA Hockey Membership ID.

If you are not rostered on a team and want to sub into league games, you need to send an email to so we can send you registration details as well as ensure you are on our approved sub list for games once registration is complete.

Rostered team members are expected to submit their attendance (attending or not attending) by 24 hours prior to the game. After that time, both subs and rostered members of other division teams will receive an email with information on expected sub openings. Please note, this does not guarantee the number of available openings – there may be more or fewer than expected. Subs will be placed on teams within 15-20 minutes of game start.

If you want to SUB, you need to be at the rink before the game to put your name on the sub list. Subbing is first come, first served.

Use of Website in Subbing Policy: To facilitate the subbing policy, we are asking that all members log into the members area and “unsign” if you know that you CANNOT play in a game. This will let your coach and the coordinators know that they will need subs that night. If you indicate that you cannot be at a game, but your plans change and you can go, don’t worry, we will not select a sub for your spot until 15 minutes before the game starts.

5 Game Sub Policy
All players rostered on a team in the same league and division are allowed unlimited nights to sub throughout the season at no charge. However, if a player has subbed in 5 games, they will only be allowed to sub if there are NO OTHER eligible players at that game (i.e., their name will be placed AFTER those players who have not reached their 5 games). If there are no other subs who have fewer than 5 games subbed, subs with more than 5 games will be listed on the sub list in the order they arrived (same as other subs). DWHL tracks how many games a player has subbed and will notify that player by email of the policy once they have subbed in 5 games.

Non-Rostered Players: Non-rostered players have the same 5 games, but are subject to the $25 drop-in fee and must be a DWHL member and have proof of USA Hockey registration plus verification from the Membership Director (via email) that you are set to play.

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The most important part to remember about ice time is how many factors are involved; many of which are outside of the Board’s control. Every effort is made to provide a fair, easy schedule for all players, regardless of their team or division.

The schedules for all league sessions are determined in much the same way. The biggest difference between the summer season and the fall/spring seasons is the availability of earlier ice in the summer, as many youth hockey leagues do not skate then. Therefore, the DWHL is afforded the luxury of early (i.e., before 9:00 p.m.) ice times. When the youth leagues start up in the fall, they get priority ice. As a result of its longevity, the DWHL has experienced increasingly earlier fall/winter ice times over the years. The ice cost is the same regardless of the time.

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Yes! You can drop in to a camp or a league game. The drop in fee varies by program, but is usually around $20. USA Hockey registration is required for drop in play. In the league, you can sub for games only within your own division (Novice or Intermediate). Drop in players are accepted up to 26 players for games on a first come basis.

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We do not pro-rate fees due to the free sub policy. Rostered players can sub free of charge on nights that their team is not playing (within your division).

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Yes! You can drop in to a league game or practice. All players (drop in/sub or otherwise), must be registered with DWHL and have a current USA Hockey registration ID. The drop in fee is $20 and will be invoiced through our registration platform, Teamsnap. Drop in players are accepted up to 26 players for games on a first come, first rostered basis. Additional information on how to sub is provided in the “How do I Sub Into a League Game?” FAQ.

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We run multiple in-house leagues throughout the year.

Fall and Spring Recreational and Competitive Mixed Leagues

The Fall Mixed Leagues begin in September or October and go through December.

Spring Mixed Leagues begin in January and go until April.

The setup of each league is similar:

  • The Recreational Division plays approximately 10 games, has 2 practices with their coaches, and playoffs at the end of the season. This division also has bench coaches for the duration of the season to help players learn & improve their game.
  • The Competitive Division plays approximately 12 games, and playoffs at the end of the season. While there are no bench coaches in Competitive, we strongly encourage players with more experience to mentor players who are newer to the game or to the DWHL.

Summer League

The Summer League starts in May or June, and goes into August. Typically, there are enough players for three divisions:

  • Novice (8 games, 2 practices, plus playoffs)
  • Intermediate (10 games plus playoffs)
  • Advanced (10 games plus playoffs)

DWHL also sponsors up to three teams each Winter to play in the Women’s Association of Colorado Hockey (WACH) league. Tryouts for these teams are held in August. The WACH season runs from September through April and plays at rinks throughout Colorado.

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We understand that hockey is an expensive sport and that it can be difficult for some players to fund things like league fees. We now offer installment plans available upon season registration through our registration platform, Teamsnap.

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Sorry, all DWHL events have a no-refund policy. We do make certain exceptions for pregnancies; those may be eligible for a credit and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact us via e-mail at if this applies to you.

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We have a gear bank of equipment that you can borrow for one event or for a season with a $50 check deposit, and you can rent hockey skates at the rink. If you want to borrow our gear, please e-mail us at with your approximate height and weight and when you need it. Equipment loan is reserved for DWHL members only.

Once you’ve decided this is the sport for you, consider going to a used or new sporting goods store (Play it Again Sports or Players Bench). They usually have good equipment at a decent price. You will need shin pads, a hockey garter belt, socks, hockey pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, a jersey, a helmet, stick and skates.

Our New Player tab has more information that will help ease you into the sport and get you started.

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  • Register with USA Hockey. If you are not currently a registered member, register and pay the annual fee through USA Hockey.
  • Register as a DWHL General Member on our Registration tab. (As a member you will receive e-mails about DWHL events. We communicate with our members exclusively via e-mail.)
  • Join the DWHL Google Group
  • Once, you have completed the above items you can register for any of our events or leagues.


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Occasionally, the DWHL gets requests from our members to allow youth players (under 18) to play in our leagues and camps. DWHL and USA Hockey state that no player under the age of 18 – regardless of experience, skill level, waiver, or relationship to our members – is allowed to participate in an adult league (including camps).

Players under 18 are encouraged to try the Arvada Hockey Association or the Colorado Girls Select Hockey program. They offer hockey opportunities for girls up to 19 years of age.

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Throughout the year, DWHL offers beginner Hockey 101 camps, clinics, and four hockey leagues for various skill levels. Upcoming events are posted on the main page of our website and on the schedule tab.

Our Hockey 101 camp touches on basic skating skills, stickhandling, shooting, positioning, and more. We usually schedule a Hockey 101 right before we start a new season. The best way to get information about future Hockey 101s, clinics, and new seasons is to sign up as a DWHL member!

When you sign up as a DWHL member (free), you are eligible to attend a Hockey 101 session for free! You will also be placed on our email distribution list and receive notices about upcoming events.

Please visit our Registration tab to sign up for membership!

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